Stretch-ol-o-gy [strech-ol-uh-jee] The branch of knowledge that deals with stretching.

Stretching and flexibility have always been fundamental requirements for ballet and related sports, such as gymnastics, synchronized swimming, figure skating, cheerleading and even martial arts. 

I have compiled the most useful resources I have found here on this website to make it easy for you to know what you need!

It has taken me and my mom several years to figure out what I need to improve my flexibility and what tools I need to have access to in order to keep my body conditioned and healthy. I hope what we have found helps you to reach your goals.

Meeting Stacey Nemour and working with her has really changed my routine and how I stretch and warm up. Conditioning is a very important part of your training so make sure you look into it and apply what you learn!

-Robbie Downey

Ballet Dancer in Training

Why buy just a barre when you can have a Stretch Gym?