Robbie Downey is an 18 year old pre-professional ballet dancer in training. She currently studies at Master Ballet Academy in Arizona year round. She graduated high school one month after turning 16 so she could fully focus on her dancing. Robbie has placed in the top 3 at semi-finals for Youth America Grand Prix two years in a row  and was a semi-finalist for the Spotlight Awards. She has trained at American Ballet Theatre NYC for two summers and at Ellison Ballet for four. Robbie has been training with Stacey Nemour for about 3 years and has seen significant improvement in her extensions and over-all flexibility and strength. She understands the importance of proper stretching order and techniques. Flexibility improvement can not be rushed. Everyone is different and not everyone is born flexible. In this highly competitive industry there is a lot of pressure to reach extreme goals but dancers must avoid injury and improper techniques.

I recommend Stacey’s videos and private instruction for anyone who wants to reach their full potential and avoid injury. You can’t just force yourself into over-splits. Flexibility takes time. If you want to learn the right way to stretch and in the right order, be patient and follow Stacey’s instruction and work your way up. Because nothing happens over-night. Develop a regular routine of doing the stretches daily after class and you WILL see progress. I’m excited to create more videos specific to ballet such as how to improve your arabesque, penché, developé and more! Some people are born prodigies and some people have to work extra hard. I’m one of those people and I know that is the majority of us. ” Robbie Downey


Robbie Downey is a ballet dancer in training. To see her insightful tips, products and recommendations for dancers needs, visit www.robbiedowney.com and www.balletfreak.com .

Improve Flexibility

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Stacey Nemour

During her career as a professional martial artist and flexibility expert, she consistently saw dancers who were out of balance because they didn’t have a comprehensive flexibility training program. Pain and serious injuries can be avoided with the awareness of how to train correctly.

Stacey designed this program to help dancers reach their full potential and to achieve the splits and the range of motion they deeply desire. She will demonstrate her system and proven solutions along with ballet dancer-in-training Robbie Downey — unique stretches and exercises that will enable you to attain a level of flexibility that usually requires years of training; and the correct order in which to do them. This will enable your body to open up faster, thereby allowing you to get into splits more rapidly, safely, and with confidence. This is the key to unlocking your body to do the splits and reach your potential that may otherwise be unattainable or take years to achieve.

If you participate in this entire routine some of the benefits include: * Getting into splits with proper alignment * Getting rid of common issues associated with pain in the hips, groin, knees, achilles and back * Increase ROM in your dance performance * Help accelerate the healing process of injuries and prevent future ones.

Stacey Nemour is a black belt in Kung Fu, a highly respected martial artist and flexibility master. (Click to see Stacey’s full bio)

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Don't Wish for it… Work for it. Learn to stretch the right way in the right order.