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“So many stretching programs don’t start from the beginning. The dancers are in these contorted positions that I can’t even do yet. I just get frustrated and feel bad about myself. With the Stretchology™ lessons Stacey starts at the beginning! Even if you have been stretching forever you should go back to the basics and make sure you are doing it right and in the right order. I love this course and my goal is to be consistent and have proper form.  I know this will lead me to the results I am looking for. ”  Audrey P. (15)

“Real improvement takes patience. If you can take the time to do it right and be consistent you WILL see results with Stacey’s course.” Sophie S. (14)

“I recommend Stacey’s course and private instruction for anyone who wants to reach their full potential and avoid injury. You can’t just force yourself into over-splits. Flexibility takes time. If you want to learn the right way to stretch and in the right order, be patient and follow Stacey’s instruction and work your way up. Because nothing happens over-night. Develop a regular routine of doing the stretches  after class and you WILL see progress. I’m excited to create more videos specific to ballet such as how to improve your arabesque, penché, developé and more! Some people are born prodigies and some people have to work extra hard. I’m one of those people and I know that is the majority of us. ” Robbie Downey (16)

Don't Wish for it… Work for it. Learn to stretch the right way in the right order.